Success Stories

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Coffee Project

InnoOK’s representative in Malaysia started negotiations between InnoOK and the processing and exporting company in Indonesia. As result, InnoOK created a two-phased business proposition.

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Enhancing of Singaporean SME’s competitiveness abroad

A pilot business development programme (BDP) based on entrepreneurship, business model innovation and international/growth strategy making was created .

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Finnish-Malaysian International School

InnoOk created an initial general plan for both starting and running the “FI-MY International School in Malaysia” project.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Pilot for SIST

InnoOk created 5-days Innovation & Entrepreneurship Pilot for Spectrum Institution of Science & Technology (SIST) in Sri Lanka.

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Three Programmes for Business Education in Sri Lanka

InnoOK created Three Programmes for Business Education with novelty & feasibility for Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology (SIST) in Sri Lanka

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Innovation Coaching

We organized with Kielo Growth five Innovation Coaching sprints in the year 2018.

The first three Innovation Coaching sessions organized in spring were six weeks in duration and the themes discussed were: Optoelectronics, Intelligent Housing and Urban Culture. In the autumn 2018 we organized two four-week Innovation Coaching sprints with themes: Tourism and Service Innovations in Health and Wellfare.

The Innovation Coaching was a project of BusinessOulu funded by ESF.

Kielo Growth – Business Incubator for Garage Startups

Matkailudiili – Tourism deal

In collaboration with OS Retkipalvelut-Nature Guide we participated in a key project of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland. This project, called Matkailudiili – Tourism deal, addresses the challenge that employers and employees within the field have problems finding each other. 

OS Retkipalvelut – Nature Guide

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We have helped starting entrepreneurs to find their way into the digital realm.


We have helped companies to create prototypes of their ideas on mobile platform.

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