Coffee Project

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Finns drink the most coffee per capita in the world. This fact has attracted one of a coffee processing and exporting company in East Java Indonesia to look for a partner in Finland to expand their business to Finland and Nordic Countries as well. The initial candidate for the co-operation might play the role of marketing & sales agent, processing and exporting company’s representative office in Finland, or independent new importer company.

InnoOK’s representative in Malaysia started negotiations between InnoOK and the processing and exporting company in Indonesia. As result, InnoOK created a two-phased business proposition. Firstly, InnoOK arranged Coffee Exhibition to introduce the brand of East Java Coffee to the Finnish coffee roaster companies. Secondly, InnoOK started business opportunity (BO) creation process to found new start-up company that shares the mission of Indonesian coffee processor/exporter.

Because InnoOK shared the mission that emphasises the idea “creating value from coffee farmers to coffee lovers and vice versa”, the BO creation process emphasises the value proposition of the new start-up that will solve the expected problem of Nordic coffee lovers, i.e., the need of roasted single origin coffee beans. Simultaneously the new start-up company will inform its key customers that the processing Co. not only pays coffee farmers reasonable price for the coffee cherries, but it also offers them fertilizer produced from the leftovers of the coffee cherries, vocational and general education, and health services for free.

Initial framework: value from coffee farmers to coffee lovers and vice versa.

Thus, to realise the shared mission both processing/exporting Co. and our new stat-up company will create value for coffee farmers and coffee lovers. From the perspective the new start-up company in Finland the critical issues are the following: Will it be able to find key customers who like to drink Indonesian single origin beans (green or roasted)?; and Are those customers willing to donate money directly to coffee farmers? That is, happy farmers – high-quality beans available also in the future.

The project is on hold because of difficulties to finance the start-up.


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Project Manager of “Coffee Project”
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I. Oemar
Project Member of “Coffee Project”
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