Enhancing of Singaporean SME’s competitiveness abroad

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A governmental body, the Enterprise Singapore discovered that small businesses were poorly prepared for the change they will face in international market because of the lack business competences and capabilities of how to enter and to grow on international business. Thus, it was evident that Singaporean SMEs needed improved internationalisation strategies.

Together with InnoOK’s members, our external experts and local partner company (Singapore Management Training Institute, SMTI) we created a pilot business development programme (BDP) based on entrepreneurship, business model innovation and international/growth strategy making.

The pilot starts with analysis of the SME’s current situation followed with analysis-based successions. Then it focuses on refining/re-creating SME’s existing business model(s) along with the successions related toward growth and internationalising to enhance and reach the expected readiness to start the strategy process and then implement the process outcome. After this, SMEs will start a period of 6 months independent work.

In 6 months, there is a follow-up meeting with each individual SME and InnoOK’s instructors. In addition, the BDP includes an option including consultation of internationalisation strategy or growth strategy implementation.

The project is on hold.


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